Tricia walking on a super massive tree in the Avenue of the Giants. This place is absolutely incredible and I definitely recommend it to anybody that wants to see something that will make them feel like a little kid again. 

Every time my phone buzzes I hope it’s you missing me.

— (it never is, s.)


Homemade Autumn Pumpkin Muffin (by brent.hofacker)
My boyfriend wears a taco costume to every event he goes to.. So I finally made him a surprise taco tie. He is going to shit himself

You know you are desperate for friends when you post an ad on craigslist


Yosemite Falls by Alik Griffin

get wet with me

The person who broke you can’t be the one to fix you. Remember that.

— Note to self (1/?)



hugging me from behind and kissing my neck at the same time is a good way to melt my heart

Or make me lose my pants